Who Am I?

My name's Jordan and I'm a personal trainer, fitness enthusiast and plant based advocate. Having always had a passion for exercise and the benefits it brings, both physically and mentally, I like to do what I can to help others experience the improvements gained from incorporating a balance of exercise, healthy diet and optimal rest and recovery into their daily life.

Having studied Sport and Exercise Science at college and then progressing onto a foundation degree in Human Biology at university, I decided that a job in the fitness industry was something well suited to me. I have been working at Winners 2000 since July 2017 and little after starting there I also began consuming a plant based diet for reasons that will be outlined in more detail in future blog posts, but put simply due to the damage most people's current diet is doing to their health, our planet, and the other living beings we share this world with.

Now, I'm on a journey to break the vegan stereotype and show people just how healthy you can be on a plant based diet, whilst welcoming with open arms anyone interested.

My Recent Posts

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