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BSc Nutrition Degree

BSc Nutrition Degree

Over the course of the past couple of years, since starting work in the fitness industry, I have discovered a passion for nutrition. The importance of dietary habits on our overall health and disease prevention has become more and more apparent since reading a number of books and conducting my own research into the matter. Whilst I have never overlooked the importance of nutrition, I was always of the belief that there are so many other factors that influence our health that really, nutrition was just a very small part of the whole picture. However, my view on this has changed tremendously in recent years.

Sure, there are other factors like exercise, mental wellbeing and more that play a role in ensuring optimal health, diet isn’t a ‘golden bullet’ for everything, but it has become clear to me that it is the single biggest thing we can do to reduce our chances of illnesses and live long, healthy lives. I feel that there is a massive lack of knowledge with regards to people’s understanding of nutrition both in the UK and globally, with many people falling victim to media headlines, marketing and the advice provided by people with very little nutritional education – so called ‘diet experts’. I felt almost a responsibility to myself, my clients, and for the progress of science backed nutritional information to take the step in educating myself as well as possible on the subject matter – to play my part in better educating the public and hopefully clearing some of the confusion.

Now, more than ever, people need factual information provided to them on the importance of nutrition, for the sake of their futures, their family’s future, and the advancement of our society. Obesity is on the rise, cardiovascular disease (the UK’s number 1 killer) is still damaging and ending the lives of countless people before their time and people are becoming seemingly more and more confused about what they actually need to be eating to stay healthy. From my experience in the fitness industry there is a lot of focus on calories and macros, of course important from a weight management point of view, but not enough consideration is put into where the calories and macronutrients are coming from. Sure, one can stay slim by eating at calorie maintenance, lose weight by being in a calorie deficit, or gain muscle being in a surplus, but this is only one part of the equation. Obsessed with optimal health and longevity, I want to educate myself to better educate others. What better way to do that than study a degree purely focussed on diet. This is why, commencing 16th September 2019, I will be starting a 3 year degree in Nutrition.

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