Common questions that I get asked on a regular basis are covered in brief here. More detailed responses may be discussed in blog posts.


What made you go vegan?

I cut dairy out of my diet a couple of years ago for health reasons, before even thinking about going vegan, and noticed it helped my skin massively. A little down the line I did some further research into where my food actually came from and it became apparent that the meat the majority of us eat isn't as healthy as we may think, pumped with antibiotics and full of lots of other rubbish. Further to this, seeing some of the footage of the hellish conditions factory farmed animals are kept in and the horror they go through when slaughtered, I no longer wanted to support this. I decided to try out a plant based diet, whilst telling myself that if my gym performance or anything were to suffer, or my health declined, I would go back to moderate meat consumption but try and get it from the best organic sources possible. After quite some time as a vegan and my gym performance continuing to improve at the same rate it always has, whilst experiencing nothing but positive results from the diet, I decided that if I could be perfectly fit and healthy whilst reducing the impact I'm having on other innocent beings, then that was the path I was going to take. I now have a passion for opting for a diet that is not only a lot more ethical, but also less impactful on the environment and if done properly, extremely good for one's health.


Where do you get your protein?

In the fitness industry we're fed with constant information on the importance of protein. Protein provides the building blocks of our body and for anyone with serious fitness or health related goals, is something that needs particular care and attention. For most, when we think of protein, we think meat, fish, dairy and eggs - I was too guilty of thinking these were the only valuable sources. It turns out that there are plenty of plant based foods rich in protein and that providing you make a conscious effort to include some sort of rich protein source with every meal, your protein targets can be easily met. On an average day I get my protein from nuts, beans and legumes, nut butter, seeds, grains, and a plant based post workout shake (not necessary but just convenient).


How often do you train?

I usually train six times a week, with that being made up of two different types of exercise: resistance training and Karate. I tend to alternate each day the training I do, so on a Monday I'll do resistance training, Tuesday Karate, Wednesday resistance etc.


Does being vegan automatically make you healthier?

No, and this is something I will cover in more detail in blog posts. Just because you're eating foods made out of plants does not make you healthy by default. Consuming highly processed foods, refined grains and general garbage on a regular basis is extremely detrimental to one's health, vegan or not. To really get the most out of a plant based diet, you need to take a whole foods approach, where you get the majority, if not all, of your calories from foods that are in their natural form. The odd treat and processed item is fine, it's when you start basing most of your meals around non-whole foods that problems may occur.


Wont you become deficient in something if you go fully plant based?

A lot of people believe that meat and animal products contain some magic ingredient that isn't found in plant foods. Iron and protein? Need meat for that. Calcium? Need dairy for that. Omega 3? Need fish for that etc etc. Unfortunately this is due to clever marketing and the pro-meat, pro-fish, pro-dairy ideas we've had conditioned into us over the years. You are able to get everything you need from a vegan diet, providing it's done properly. The one thing that comes up the most is B12, again this will be / is covered in a blog post.


Is being vegan expensive?

Some of the cheapest food items you can find are plants. Vegetables, grains, beans and legumes etc are all made entirely out of plants. Fruit can sometimes be a little costly when brought fresh, so just buy frozen if that's an issue. Put simply, I do not spend any more money being vegan than I used to when consuming animal products. So no, it isn't more expensive unless you're specifically going for the more expensive options (organic etc.) which is the same for any diet.