For all the people wanting to get the most out of their training but don't live local to myself, I provide training programmes catered specifically towards your goals, online and easy to access. Exercises chosen always have scientific backing and take into consideration the individual's experience and ability, as well as the equipment and facilities available. This service offers two purchase options, Gold and Silver, both of which are for a month's worth of online training. Gold includes the addition of weekly FaceTime / Skype / phone call consultations to discuss progress and ensure optimal motivation, whereas Silver is simply a monthly programme upgrade with a monthly consultation. Separate purchases can also be made for consultations without the online training. See 'Online Consultations' for details.

What's included?
- Professional and friendly service that always puts the client first
- Science backed programmes to follow at your gym / training facility (can be done at home also)
- Safe and effective exercises always taking into account the individual's circumstances and goals
- Diet advice
- 24/7 mobile support                                                                                                                                                                                                                              - A free phone call consultation for me to learn a little bit about you, your goals and the facilities you have available
- Weekly FaceTime / Skype / phone call consultations (GOLD)

Options and Prices (1 month)
Silver - £30
Gold - £50

Online Services
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